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Will a band of misfits be enough to stave off the hunger of an insatiable evil?

Evelyn Mason was given the curse of Mind Manipulation by a Demon - a Demon that will stop at nothing to bring the world to its knees. It needs Evelyn's help, but she's poised to stand in its way. Paths are offered by Angels and Demons, and Evelyn is watched over by creatures thought to be nothing more than old lore.
But which guide can be trusted?

Vampires clash against Vampires. An obsessive Siren has her own selfish wants. Manipulators caught in the cross fire. A Werewolf attempting to guide them all. Can Evie keep herself and her protectors safe as she tries to control her unpredictable abilities as a Manipulator?

The Demon is never far behind, and Evelyn has a choice. Will she protect what's right, or will she stumble down the road of destruction?

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