Expand a Writing Tip! - Dogs

We've already talked about cats, but this post is about mans best friend. Who else can give you comfort after you kill your darlings? Definitely not a cat! Who else can warm your feet while you are writing in the late night, too enthralled with what happens next to stop writing? Not a cat.

I'm gonna be honest, this is going to be short and sweet. Because there's nothing bad you can say about a dog of any breed.... except a Chihuahua. They are truly the perfect listening ear to keep all of your secrets in exchange for belly rubs, and really, we all need a friend like that in our lives.

Who else in the world is going to finish the dinner you forgot you were eating because Chapter seven just got good? Not a cat.

I could make list after list of why a dog is gonna be a great writing buddy, but I bet you're reading this now with one by your side and you know everything I could possibly say about your buddy, so instead I will just say this:

Give your baby a good nose boop tonight. They need it.

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