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Obviously, if you are a writer of any standard you must always be full of muse even when you feel you have no ability to write!

What does that mean for you, oh lowly writer who is currently reading this and on day 42 of no writing? Well, obviously it means you suck. Don't you know how to push past the haze of the daily complications and get those words down?! Who cares if you eat dinner or spend time with friends/family! You need to get that butt in your chair and regurgitate some words! Gosh! This is so simple!

All that sounds pretty ridiculous, huh? Yet, these are all things I have seen said about writing. Is it right? Nah. Sure! There are probably tons of people who can power through and write every day without fail, no matter what. To that I say, that's great! I'm truly amazed, but for people like me, who struggle with daily writing, I feel like people who say you 'have to write daily' really don't know the struggles of people with 'writer's block' or exhaustion.

Of course, I'll also be the first to say that there are also times where I slack off. I can be totally lazy! That's okay too! It's life, we only have one, and why spend it feeling like a failure from struggling to write a sentence? That's always been the hardest part for me. To sit for an hour and barely have a full, coherent sentence. Then another week later I'm writing for two hours and got over five thousand words done! It's all about that muse!

I have a close friend who always asks me, "Did you thank your muse today?" or "Did you ask the muse for guidance?"

He has a very interesting view on his Muse (I capitalize to give respect to what he views his Muse to be), and how she helps and guides him daily. I never viewed it that way before! Though he's so right, it truly is a force to be revered. Something to speak to, to ask for guidance, to praise for giving help. I can't help but view my muse very similarly as I grow in my writing career. I catch myself asking the muse for aid. Just some morsel of them to boost my word count, my plot hole fix to come to me, etc.

Just like with this blog, I am writing it and begging the muse for help as I push through to write more than two paragraphs. However, any real person around knows that with YouTube in the background, you can easily get distracted from your task at hand. (Shoutout to Santagato Studios and BrewStew for making my blog writing attempt absolutely the most difficult thing in the world haha)

So I suppose I just want you to walk away from this blog post with the understanding that whether you write daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and anything in between, that you are doing amazing! You are doing you, and that's all anyone can hope for. So whether you are working on your first story, or your one hundredth! You are doing amazing, and I am so proud of you for putting words down, and for those that are dealing with a museless time, just know it will come back again, and you are still just as amazing to be enjoying a small break too!

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