Interview with an Author - A.M. Hounchell

  • Tell me a little about yourself, personally.

I grew up in a small town in Kansas like Superman. I got married the same week that I graduated with my bachelor's degree. Garth Brooks accidentally hit me with a door, while leaving a restaurant. I'm also a smartass that doesn't trust authority.

In all seriousness, I work at a grocery store in the pick-up department during a pandemic. It's been a constant character study. I'm currently working on more than a dozen pieces, trying to take up blacksmithing as a hobby, and working on being an electrician as a career.

  • What is the name of the book or books you have published?

I have 12, or maybe it's 13, but my top 3 are:

An Ice Road Through Hell

Quintessential Reality


  • Where can they be found?


  • Do you have any current WIPs?

So many. Currently, I'm actively working on 15 works. I have a problem, and I should really learn to focus. But every time I finish a project, two more grow in its place.

  • How are they going?

Slow. I've been working the entirety of this year at an understaffed grocery store, and with a slew of overtime. Luckily, I was able to finish a couple of books already this year. Including my memoir.

  • What got you into writing?

I don't remember. My first story was about a grasshopper and a bunny who become best friends. It's from when I was in kindergarten. It probably stems from not connecting well with other kids.

  • What keeps you focused?

Currently, I could use more focus, but I think what usually works is thinking about my future self. My writing and my success should not be compared to random writers I've met or famous ones. However, I can, compare myself to a better version of me, and that keeps me more motivated. I just need to be more like the person I see in my head. He has focus.

  • What gives you inspiration?

This question was the one I kept coming back to answer. I don't know. At story idea flies into my head like a bird and sets up a nest. Then the only way to shake it is to flesh it out and give it physical form. Then it lives in that form instead of my mind.

  • How do you battle writer’s block?

You know, when I was about 13, I sent a letter to Dean Koontz asking this same question. I got back a form letter explaining why he couldn't answer all of his fan mail, and reassuring me that below was his true signature, because he hadn't taught dolphins to do it yet, and they don't have thumbs.

But he wrote a few sentences too. Something along the lines of stepping away and working on something new. Take a new path when the one you want is blocked. Enjoy yourself and come back, because the rubble will be cleared.

I've adopted this ideal.

  • Did you decide on traditional or self publishing?

Both. I have self published novels that I didn't think would find a mainstream audience as well as two books published with a small press in Atlanta.

  • What made you make that choice?

I'd rather people have access to my writing. It's nice to be published with a huge press with credibility, I'm sure, but I don't want to spend unnecessary amounts of time getting them to look my way.

My joy comes from telling my stories to others.

  • How does it feel to be considered an author?

Odd. It's something I always wanted, even as a kid. I've held true, and here I am.

  • What’s your social media platforms for people to find you?

I'm on Twitter mostly @inferno4dante. That's also my handle for reddit and Instagram.

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