Interview with an Author - Edward van Winkle

  • Tell me a little about yourself, personally.

Personally, I’m just this guy, you know?

Well, I’ve studied over ten languages, have a handle on multiple art media, and used to play the piano a lot – though I’ve switched to the ocarina recently cause it’s more analogue than a keyboard and lighter than a piano. Other areas of interest? Edible landscaping, psychology, and many things Nintendo.

Oh. And I write stuff. Absurd comedy and fantasy stuff. Guess I should mention that. lol

  • What is the name of the book or books you have published?

My currently published book’s called “W.u.F. - The War uf Food”. It’s pronounced “woof” and that’s kinda the only reason the “uf” is there. It’s a long story regarding it’s development – which is also included in the back of the book in the form of an interview with my dad!

  • Where can they be found?


Possibly one or two houses in the whole world.

Here’s a book link:

And here’s a trailer I made:

Definitely watch the trailer before you decide on the book. The book’s a little slow starting, but the trailer hints at the fun stuff that shows up later. Also I put a lot of effort into that trailer, so somebody’s gotta watch it! lol

  • Do you have any current WIPs?

YES! Omg. They never stop.

1. Robin Hood, but with frogs. Currently writing it and releasing first-draft chapters on Patreon. When it’s done I’ll put it up for Kindle and maaaybe paperback – thought it’s gonna be pretty short.

2. Cats, magic, and puns. If it doesn’t break the internet, I’m gonna be kinda sad – which is what I expect will happen. lol

3. An old Chinese man named Frank accidentally creates the multiverse. It’s REALLY good so far!

I should probably mention these are all in the same multiverse too! Though the only obvious overlap of characters is between W.u.F. and The Legend of Frank.

  • How are they going?

As books, they’re going really well. As deadlines, um... lol

I’ve been working on numbers two and three for what feels like forever. But in that time a lot of things happened and changed and we got a house and everything and omg. Number one was interrupted when my arm got infected.

It’s almost like, every time I go to write, the universe finds a way to blow my plans out of the water. Conspiracy?!

Yeah, probably.

  • What got you into writing?

Act I: The War uf Food actually started as a series of home-movies me and my dad made when I was back in high school – about a forever ago... fifteen years? – and we’d constantly talk about it and build the plot and characters and just have fun with it.

Act II: After working as an audio-book editor for two and a half years reading best-sellers day in and day out, I decided that – A. There’s not enough good comedy in book format. and B. I’d learned enough from osmosis to fill that role.

Act III: Maybe eventually some day I’ll fulfill my mission – to inspire laughter and deep thought in the lives of many readers... and somehow make a semi-comfortable living off it.

  • What keeps you focused?


  • What gives you inspiration?

Inspiration to write: When others laugh while reading my books... or just read my books in general.

Inspiration for what to write about: I do a lot of improv comedy while talking to certain people. Sometimes I’ll give certain characters voices – I’m a voice-shifter, can change voices on the fly, did I mention that? – and sometimes those characters become too good to not use. Games, shows, and books give me ideas too.

Inspiration to take a nap: Life.

  • How do you battle writers block?

My weapon of choice is the pseudo-plasma block-buster 9,000 with extra gamma-ray expansion and a wide scope for cinematic shots.

In reality, I deal with two forms of writers block.

1. Anxiety of starting. – For this I just write. It’s really freaking hard. Sometimes I lose.

2. Out of ideas. – This almost never happens to me. When it does, I take a walk.

I actually made a Q&A video about this recently!

  • Did you decide on traditional or self publishing?

Self publishing.

At least for now.

  • What made you make that choice?

First, W.u.F. was a personal project and I didn’t feel like it’d be a good idea to let a publisher mess with that.

Second, compared to fantasy, sci-fi, and romance, there aren’t a lot of agents looking for absurd comedy novels. This might well explain why there aren’t many in the market!

Third, I like making my own covers, formatting my own books, and having control over every aspect of my stories in general.

  • How does it feel to be considered an author?

Wait. Am I considered one?!

It feels... exactly the same as before.

But I didn’t have some big ambitious childhood dream of being an author either, so that might make a difference.

  • What’s your social media platforms for people to find you?

Twitter: @EdwardVanWinkle


Thanks for the interview!

And thank you for being interviewed! Well, there you have it from the absurd man himself. Thank you for reading his interview, and thank you again for being interviewed!!

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