Interview with an Author - Gregory D. Little

  • Tell me a little about yourself, personally.

I live in Virginia with my wife and our dog. Exploring made-up worlds through writing is where my heart lies. In my free time that isn't writing-focused, I'll probably either be playing video games or traveling. And I've got a crocheted jumping spider (representing a character from my fantasy series) made for me by a friend that I frequently use as my online avatar. What that says about me, I'm not sure.

  • What is the name of the book or books you have published?

I'm the author of the Unwilling Souls series of epic fantasy books. The first three books, Unwilling Souls, Ungrateful God, and Unleashing Iron, are available now. In Unwilling Souls, humanity's gods are rightfully imprisoned, and Ses Lucani intends to keep them that way. Her terrorist father has other plans. Book 1 is a pulse-pounding chase through a world of skull cities, sinister conspiracy, and a necromantically fueled industrial revolution. Book 2 continues the story with a ticking-clock mystery in a nightmare city where no one can remember what happens to them after sundown. Book 3, well, that gets pretty spoilery if you haven't read the first two.

  • Where can they be found?

All three books are currently available on Amazon for ebook and print, as well as ebook for Kobo, Nook, and any other e-reader devices.

  • Do you have any current WIPs?

Indeed I do. I'm working on the fourth and final volume of the Unwilling Souls series, and I'm shopping around a sci-fi political thriller called Prison City.

  • How are they going?

It's exciting to write a final book in a series. All the secrets I've been holding on to can finally be revealed. I don't have to worry any longer about what to save for later. It's time to lay it all out on the table. Reader feedback on the third book, which just released in April, has been extremely positive, so I'm looking forward to ending strong.

  • What got you into writing?

I'd have to say that reading the Star Wars Expanded Universe novels when I was a teenager is the single thing most responsible. The idea that my favorite stories could be continued on past "The End" fascinated me. I began to mentally tell my own continuations of stories I loved, be they books, movies, or video games. And at a certain point, a friend and I tried our hand at Star Wars fan fiction of our own. But we did it before it was cool.

  • What keeps you focused?

I tend to start out slowly on a new project, feeling my way through it in the early going, trying different things to see what works and test what I want the final shape of the story to be. I'll never be a heavy outliner, which is a shame, as it's a much faster way to write. Generally, the further into the project I get, the faster I go. So I guess the only true answer that I can give is that the easier it is for me to envision the finished product, the easier it is to keep focused.

  • What gives you inspiration?

I think that I'm inspired a lot by reading or watching or playing stories that aren't like anything I've ever seen before. Those always broaden the horizons of what I'd even considered writing about. In terms of theme and character, I tend to gravitate toward explorations of human behavior, why we believe and behave in the ways that we do and how those things might be changed by new circumstances. It sounds cliché to say "human nature," but there's a reason why it's a cliché, I suppose. Plus, I'm just a sucker for a cool world, a well-constructed magic system, or a mind-blowing big idea.

  • How do you battle writer’s block?

If I'm feeling blocked, it's for one of two reasons. Either I need a break to get away from the process and recharge, or something about the story isn't working and my subconscious isn't letting me proceed until I figure out what it is and address it. The second problem gets easier to navigate the more I learn about various techniques of writing and plotting. As the number of tools at your disposal increases, your options for dealing with snags increase as well.

  • Did you decide on traditional or self publishing?

I got started in self-publishing, but I'd ideally like to have one foot in both arenas, which is why I'm still pursuing traditional publishing avenues with any of my manuscripts that are not part of Unwilling Souls.

  • What made you make that choice?

For Unwilling Souls, I suppose the answer would be impatience. I felt I had a unique, winning story (something I'm even more certain of now), and I was frustrated by the pace of traditional publishing's process. My schedule also doesn't allow me a ton of time to travel to conventions and other gatherings, where networking can speed up the traditional process. Still, as I said, I'd ultimately like to be established along both paths.

  • How does it feel to be considered an author?

Like most things, it's amazing and hard to believe at first, and then you get used to the concept and it feels like just another aspect of your life. Still, I consider it one of the most important parts. At the risk of another cliché, is truly my passion.

  • What’s your social media platforms for people to find you?





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