Interview with an Author - Rebecca Horner

  • Tell me a little about yourself, personally.

I am an Oklahoma girl, born, raised, trapped by college loans (lol), and I have been dubbed Queen of the Nerds at my day job. I play DnD, I watch superhero movies and dabble in comics/anime, my go-to Halloween costumes are always medieval(ish), and I spend most of my time either working on (or reading) fanfic, writing books, or poking away at the non-combative MMO I am creating with Ginny O. My roommates are both cats named after anime characters, (Hi)Kari a female grey'brown tabby and a witch of the highest order who hates people who are not me and (Hi)Karu who is a giant ball of mischief and orange fluff whose purring can be heard clear across the house.

  • What is the name of the book or books you have published?

I've got several short stories published, but my first book in a series just published earlier this year, Sun's Guard: Ten.

  • Where can they be found?

They are currently available on Amazon, both ebooks and print, and I will have a couple paperbacks available at Full Circle Books in OKC after the new year and at the Norman Public Library, which uses the Pioneer Library System.

  • Do you have any current WIPs?

Yes, I am currently working on the sequel to Ten, Page, which continues Caley's and Sunny's story, and I have a standalone novel(la) on the back-burner tentatively titled White Dragon, Black Lark.

  • How are they going?

I paused WDBL partly because I was stuck, mostly to focus on Page, which is probably 1/3 of the way through its first draft. I have a rough key point sentences and some beats mapped out, so I know where I'm going, I just have to get it on paper. At the moment, I'm going back through the front third though because all of my chapters seem short when I look at their word counts.

  • What got you into writing?

I've always told stories, whether its to keep myself entertained, playing, or trying to fall asleep at night. Writing just helps me get them out of my head so I can enjoy them later and share them with others. I went to school pretty much to learn how to do it better.

  • What keeps you focused?

I recently made a TBW list--To Be Written and that has helped me keep all my balls juggling in the air. A few other things like sewing projects have snuck on there, but it really helps me keep track of what I'm supposed to be working on. (For example, I am way behind on Page!!! My DnD projects are taking longer than expected, lol.)

  • What gives you inspiration?

I'm a vivid dreamer, so some of those end up being good stories if I stop and restart it enough times to remember it a few hours later, lol. I also get a lot of ideas by watching or reading something and asking myself how I would do it, especially if it finished and I felt less than satisfied. It helps that I have really varied background in literature and history to fallback on. Even if I don't know something specifically, I have a lot of source materials to at least get the search started.

  • How do you battle writer’s block?

I work on something else for a few days to a week, then come back to it. If I'm still stuck, I reread whatever I have and at what's next for my plot and see if there's either something missing or something contradictory going on. And if that doesn't work... I go to Ginny and ask her what she as a reader would want next and wing it a little, just so I can get writing again. Plot will always be there.

  • Did you decide on traditional or self publishing?

I tried traditional, just to see if it would work out though my knowledge of the industry made me a huge skeptic, but then went self-publishing in the end.

  • What made you make that choice?

I queried Ten and got some weird feedback. (Apparently unicorns, family issues, and low-end-but-still-barely-appropriate word counts are mismanaged MG flags, who knew? Even when your syntax is too old.) Since I couldn't change it to fit the feedback for plot reasons, I faced the usual crossroads: table it, or self-publish. Since Sun's Guard is only the first series I have in a huge world, I knew I couldn't keep putting off getting it out there or I'll never finish, which would haunt me in the grave. So I pulled the last request that had gone on way too long and went to self-publishing...and honestly, I've been happier for it. I love the control I have, and even if I don't have huge sales, my stories are out there.

  • How does it feel to be considered an author?

A little surreal. You look up to these people through your adolescence and college career, it's real easy to get impostor syndrome, especially if you go indie. But I remind myself that I am an author, even if I'm not signed to one of the big publishing houses, because people read my books and have enjoyed them. All it takes is one reader and it's worth it for me.

  • What’s your social media platforms for people to find you?

My twitter handle is @RebeccaMHorner and my website is

I'm on Facebook (sorta, mostly just blog alerts) as a Rebecca M. Horner page. If you are intrigued by this game business I mentioned early on, we also have a Twitter for it @MysticRidersMMO, and then I am working on revamping the blog for it, which is

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