October Day Eleven

april_showers is online beccababy16 is typing… beccababy16: Hey, where were you today?  I didn't see you in classes. april_showers is typing… april_showers: I was only there for first period before the teacher sent me home.  Apparently if you have the sniffles and a small cough that means you have some horribly contagious disease that will be spread through the entire school. beccababy16 is typing… beccababy16: Are you sick???? april_showers is typing…… april_showers: Oh it’s just a cold, nothing major, but I don’t mind the mini vacation I got out of it.  The doctor gave me the whole week off and some antibiotics. beccababy16 is typing…… beccababy16: Well, get better soon. Do you need me to bring your homework to you? april_showers is typing… april_showers: Thanks, but my dad said someone already volunteered to do that, I thought it was you, but maybe it was Candi, who knows. Speaking of her, can she go with us Friday to the movies?  I’’m sure by then I won’t be sick. beccababy16 is typing… beccababy16: Oh I asked her but she said she had plans. april_showers is typing… april_showers: Oh, okay.  I was really hoping to see her, but I’ll just call her and see if she wants to come over sometime.  I’m going to go though, Dad made me something to eat and I’m starved.  Bye. april_showers is offline.  You can send a message, and it will be received the next time they log in.

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