October Day Fifteen

xcandixgurlx15 is online beccababy16 is typing… beccababy16: Did you ever reply to April's text we got last night?? xcandixgurlx15 is typing… xcandixgurlx15: Yeah, I told her I'd follow her home after church since her parents are going out to eat with the Spencer's she kept saying we had to talk and she wanted to do it in person so whatever I'm sure she found out about me and Justin so I'm just gonna tell her to go shove it and deal with it he wants me not her! beccababy16 is typing… beccababy16: I think I'm gonna go when you go then after bailing on her last night to go with you. I think shes pretty pissed. xcandixgurlx15 is typing… xcandixgurlx15: Who cares? We had fun last night and she spent the whole night in doing homework I'm sure, and you know if you had gone with her last night she'd of just watched a movie and then gone home to do homework and you wouldn't of gone to that party. beccababy16 is typing… beccababy16: I guess I just kinda feel bad is all... xcandixgurlx15 is typing… xcandixgurlx15: I don't know why you're still trying to be her friend. The only reason I'm going tomorrow is just to tell her I'm with him to her face and not to call or text anymore you should do the same and get rid of her. beccababy16 is typing… beccababy16: No. She's a good friend and I've known her since middle school! xcandixgurlx15 is typing… xcandixgurlx15: You try to be too nice to her! Whatever. You do what you want but I'm done with all this drama! beccababy16 is typing… beccababy16: You kind of brought all this drama on yourself, and it's not really drama either. She probably just wants to hear it from us that we weren't telling her about the whole you and Justin thing. xcandixgurlx15 is typing… xcandixgurlx15: Whatever I g2g ill see you tomorrow... xcandixgurlx15 is offline.  You can send a message, and it will be received the next time they log in.

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