October Day Fourteen

“I’ll get it, Mom!” April yelled out as she finished tying up her hair, ran down the stairs to the front door, and opened it before she stared slightly confused. “Uhm… Hello.” April greeted as she held onto the door knob, as she lightly drummed her nails against it.

“Hi… I’m Lily from, uh, school…” Lily said a bit awkwardly as she held up a second bag. “I have all your work from the week. The, uh, teachers took forever gathering it up, and a couple didn’t gather any of it up until today, but I have all the whole week worth of notes if you want to borrow them.” Lily offered as she held out the bag towards April.

“Oh, okay thank you.” April said as she took the bag and set it down in the hallway. “Actually, yeah I would really like to go through your notes if you don’t mind. It’s actually been driving me a bit insane to not have been in classes to have taken notes. You know half their tests are on the stuff they talk about instead of the books just to make sure you paid attention.” April said with a laugh before she moved out of the door way. “Come in.” April said as she took the bag from the floor and started walking up the stairs. “Mom, I’ll be in my room!”

Lily nodded as she walked in and followed April up the stairs and into her room, staring at all the purple. Purple walls, purple bed spread, purple decorations, purple curtains, etc. “So, your favorite color is purple I assume…”

April just laughed as she tossed the bag on the bed and sat down beside it. She motioned for the other to sit on the end of the bed opposite of her. “It is this year… Last year this room was nothing but yellow and orange.” She said before she looked over at her.

Lily smiled slightly as she began to dig through her black messenger bag, and pulled out five note books. “My sisters room is yellow… Her name’s Lindsey; your ex boyfriends brothers girlfriend.”

“Oh really? I didn’t know she had a sister! You should of come hung out with us.”

“Yeah, I don’t really like Justin though. And you hung out with him all the time.” Lily said as she smiled at April and handed over her notes to April. “No offense I know you use to date him or whatever. His new chick is such an annoying twat though.”

April took the notes, and glanced through them before she perked up and stared at the girl. “New chick? Seriously?”

Lily stared before she nodded reluctantly. “I’m sorry. You didn’t know? I assumed you knew since before I left the house to come here Lindsey left with Jonathan, his brother, and your friends Becca and Candi. He’s dating Candi basically since you guys broke up, so I assumed you knew.”

April just stared as she shook her head, an annoyed look on her face. “Well, at least now I know why Becca bailed on me last minute to go to the movies…” She mumbled as she shrugged her shoulders. Lily patted April's shoulder slightly as she made a slight smile. “I’’m really sorry, I thought you knew. I didn’t mean to blurt something like that to upset you.”

April shook her head. “Oh it didn’t upset me, and it’s not your fault, I would have assumed the same thing since they are suppose to be my friends and tell me these things…” April said before she pulled out her phone and texted Becca and Candi, Hey, can you come over tomorrow? I need to talk to you, please. After pressing send she smiled at Lily before she pointed at the notes. “Do you mind if I copy off of these what I want and give them back to you on Monday?”

Lily nodded her head. “I don’t mind. If you want I’ll help you with some of the homework.”

“Sure I’d like that.” April agreed with a smile.

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