October Day Nine

“I haven’t been here in so long I forgot how good the sundaes were.” April said with a grin as Becca shoved another bite of ice cream into her mouth.

“I know… I think the last time I came here was with you.” Becca commented.

“Same here.”

The two laughed before April looked around. “Candi still isn’t here, and I saw her at church. Did she not feel like coming?”

Becca swallowed before she looked away from April and nodded quickly. “I think she had something to do with her family. You know how they are about Sunday afternoons together.”

“Right… I forgot. I guess even with your own car it’s hard to get away from them.”

“Yeah…” Becca replied as she licked her suddenly dry lips. “Hopefully she can come with us next time.”

“Hopefully…” April agreed before she tossed back her hair over her shoulder. “I need to get out more. I mean, I don’t mind that much that Justin broke up with me, but it did make me realize I spend way too much time worried about studying when half the time it’s just doing it to appease my parents.”

“Well finally you realize that. I mean come on we’re juniors, high school is almost over for us, and we all know you’ll probably go out of state for college to one of those Ivy League schools, so we should have some fun together now.”

“I know… How about next Friday the three of us go to the movies, that gives Candi a whole week to make sure she can come instead of surprising her with it last minute.”

Becca nodded. “Yeah, I’m sure she’ll be able to.”

April smiled before she finished her ice cream and yawned. “We should probably go so we aren’t late. I’m sure our parents will kill us if we go to church late.”

Becca laughed as she nodded in agreement. “I’ll be grounded for a week if we are.” She said with a sigh before the two left the ice cream shop.

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