October Day Nineteen

justin_w is online xcandixgurlx15 is typing… xcandixgurlx15: Hey, are you going to work at the haunted house on Halloween for your neighbor again? justin_w is typing… justin_w: Yeah. Me and Jonathan already told him we'd help him at the beginning of the month but were really short handed this year since his daughter and son are both out of town. xcandixgurlx15 is typing… xcandixgurlx15: Really? Would he let me come help? I've always wanted to try something like that! justin_w is typing… justin_w: You do know it's not just jumping out at people you have to actually put in all the work to fix the barn and trail up and it includes lifting heavy things... xcandixgurlx15 is typing… xcandixgurlx15: Yeah, I know and I don't care, but if I can talk Becca into it can she help too? justin_w is typing… justin_w: Sure, the more the better I’ll tell Jonathan that you two will help he thought it'd just be the two of us. xcandixgurlx15 is typing… xcandixgurlx15: Okay! i'll try and see if Becca will talk to me today, and ask her if not I'll try and talk to her at school…  She's wanted to do this too so maybe this will get her talking to me again. justin_w is typing… justin_w: Alright, well if you want to help and can talk Becca into it come over Saturday morning and we’ll work on setting most of it up then, and if your parents will let y'all you can keep helping us on Sunday too. Then we do all of the more simple things throughout the next week like carving out all of the pumpkins and most of the other perishable decorations. xcandixgurlx15 is typing… xcandixgurlx15: Okay, sounds like fun! justin_w is typing… justin_w: Yeah, we'll see but I g2g I'll see you tomorrow. xcandixgurlx15 is typing… xcandixgurlx15: Okay, bye. <3 justin_w is offline.  You can send a message, and it will be received the next time they log in.

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