October Day One

april_showers is online

beccababy16 is typing…

beccababy16: Hey! How was your date tonight??

april_showers is typing…

april_showers: Date? Oh, no I couldn’t go out tonight with him, too

much homework, and a paper due Monday.

beccababy16 is typing…

beccababy16: Oh… but you two haven’t gone out for like ever! He’s

going to lose interest!

april_showers is typing…

april_showers: I’m sure he wont lose interest… He’s not shallow like

that, and he knows I’m very serious about my classes.

beccababy16 is typing……

beccababy16: Well I hope so because you two are so cute together even

if you are a geek! :P

april_showers is typing…

april_showers: Thanks…

beccababy16 is typing……

beccababy16: Oh I was just jokin! GEEZ!

april_showers is typing…

april_showers: I know… I need to go though, Mom is yelling for me to

come eat dinner. I’ll see you Monday at school. Bye.

beccababy16 is typing…

beccababy16: Later

april_showers is offline. You can send a message, and it will be

received the next time they log in.


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