October Day Seven

Hey… Meet me at the bleachers we need to talk.

April stared at her phone that she kept hidden in her locker before she put it back in her purse, grabbed her things together before she walked down the hall, and waved at Rebecca and Candi as she passed them. She tugged on her messenger bags strap to adjust it on her shoulder. Once she walked into the nearly empty gym, April waved over at Justin with a bright smile. Justin simply nodded his head as he shifted against the bleacher seat he was seated on. April just made her way over to him, sat beside him, and leaned over for a kiss. Justin moved his head slightly where she ended up with just a peck to his cheek. “Is something wrong?”

Justin nodded before he stood up and put his hands in his jeans pockets. He walked down the few steps to the ground and looked back at April. “Listen, I think we should break up.”

“What?!” April jumped up from her seat, her bag fell off her shoulder. “Why?!"

“W-Well… Because it was fun and all over the summer, but now that school’s back in, you just worry about your classes and homework. We haven’t even gone on a date in two weeks, so you’re just boring now, and since you don’t put out, you really aren’t worth the wait…”

April just scoffed as she tried to pull her thoughts together, her hands wiped at her face as she bent her knees to lean down, and picked up her bag as she tossed it over her shoulder. “Really? I don’t put out, and worry about my education, and I’m not worth it. Wow… Some gentleman you are, Justin.”

“I’m too young to worry about being a gentleman; I’ll act like that when I’m in my thirties and too old to get a hot chick.” He said simply before he left her alone in the gym. The janitor came in as he began to lazily run the large dust mop over the gym floors as he whistled to himself.

“Jerk.” April murmured under her breath as she left the gym, unaware of the pair of eyes that followed.

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