October Day Sixteen

April just stared at the two others in her house before she sat down across from them.  “So…  This is kind of awkward……”  April began as Becca looked down at the floor, Candi crossed her arms with a huff before she crossed her legs as well.

“What did you want to talk to us about?  I have things to do you know.”  Candi said before April just shrugged and looked at Becca.

“Well, I was hoping to sort out a few things between us.  First off, I’m really upset at you, Becca, for ditching me last minute to go hang out with other people when we were going to the same place to do the same thing.” April said.

“I just didn’t want you to be mad if we went and you saw… well, I guess you know now…”  Becca said as she clasped her hands together.

“Yeah I know, and honestly I really don’t care.  I don’t understand how this became such a big, secretive issue.  A guy I dated broke up with me to go out with a girl that’s easier.  That doesn’t bother me; that actually boosted my confidence.”  April said, unable to hide the sly grin that popped up on her features.

Candi huffed as she flipped April off.  “If you didn’t care you wouldn’t have asked us to come over, and I’m not easy.”

“Actually you are…  Justin’s already told his brother you two did it on your first date together, and well someone I know over heard it and told me last night while I was copying her notes.  Actually she told me everything.  That’s the real reason I asked you two to come over.  Mainly to say I don’t really want to associate myself with you two anymore-”

“That’s not fair!”  Becca interrupted, but April only ignored as she continued.

“Actually, what isn’t fair is that two people I thought were really good friends of mine ended up not only not telling me when my boyfriend was flirting and asking them out, Candi, which actually I should expect out of you, we were never that good of friends; but Becca I expected at the very least from you to have told me when Candi let you in on Justin’s plans and everything he had done, not gone off breaking plans with me to hang out with them just to make sure it stayed a secret.  That was so messed up from both of you; and I really just don’t want to be friends with people I can’t trust.  That’s all I wanted to say, and I wanted to be the decent one and do it in person. You can leave now.”  April said as she nodded and walked off to the door, opened it for them, and motioned her hand in a swiping motion out the door.

Candi was the first to get up and without saying a word stomped out as dramatically as possible; April already having beaten her to the punch at severing ties with each other.  Becca followed after with guilt written all over her face as she frowned at April.  “I’m really sorry… I know I should have…”

“Yes, you should have, but you didn’t and that really hurt me.  I had to hear all of this from a girl I didn’t even really know.  I may have said it didn’t hurt that you two lied to me or that Justin basically cheated, and not just with Candi sadly, and as much as I say I don’t care, I do, because it hurt.”

Becca moved to hug April, but she simply moved out of the way and shook her head.  Becca nodded before she walked out of the front door and down the porch steps to her car; April shut and locked the door behind her with a sigh as she forced herself not to cry.

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