October Day Thirteen

jw18 is online see_lindz_run is typing… see _lindz_run: Skipped out of work I see? jw18 is typing… jw18: Half the staff is a bunch of sick teenagers, I wasn’t about to go in there and get sick from being around them. see_lindz_run is typing… see _lindz_run: I’ve seen… A few kids at the high school are sick. Some teachers are even taking the sick kids their homework tomorrow just to ‘make sure’ they’re sick.  I think it’s kind of funny they act like it's some conspiracy. jw18 is typing… jw18:  Really??  That’s just ridiculous. see_lindz_run is typing… see _lindz_run: I know!  I couldn’t help but laugh.  Actually, I think one of the girls they’re taking homework to his your brothers ex.  Her name’s April right? jw18 is typing… jw18: Yeah that’s her, Candi was mouthing off last night about her, and Becca trying to keep her being her friend.  I don’t understand you chicks.  You start dating your friends ex and suddenly you were just never friends.  I’m glad I wasn’t born with a twat. see_lindz_run is typing… see _lindz_run: I’m glad too…  You know I’m not sick either, and I’m home alone… jw18 is typing… jw18: Gimme ten minutes. see_lindz_run is typing… see _lindz_run: LOL……Alright, love you, bye. jw18 is offline.  You can send a message, and it will be received the next time they log in.

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