October Day Thirty

“Okay guys, I didn’t expect it to look this amazing!” Lindsey smiled over at the four before she leaned into Jonathan as he wrapped his arms around her and kissed the top of her head. “The pumpkins look great too!”

“I thought so too, now if the old man would just hurry up we can go through to see what you guys think and if we should fix anything before tomorrow.”

“Oh… That reminds me, April is coming too, I told her she should come. She hasn’t seen it either and although some of you are jerks to her now, I still think she’s a sweet girl and wanted to include her. She’s a friend of mine too.”

Justin went to speak, but Jonathan only threw a hand up to stop him before he got started, and gave Lindsey a nod. “I agree. Plus, having more than two outside opinions would be good.”

After an awkward silence, Becca finally spoke. “Well, I guess it couldn’t hurt, and it’s not like we have to talk to her.”

“Definitely not.” Candi chimed in.

Lindsey rolled her eyes before she brushed off Jonathan’s hoodie free of hay. “Oh yes, definitely don’t want to be friendly to a girl that put up with you two since grade school.”

Becca and Candi glared at the blonde, whereas Jonathan grinned a brat like grin before he shook his head at Lindsey and leaned over, his lips close to her ear. “Be careful, those two look like they could pop their claws out any second.”

Lindsey giggled, as she leaned into him before looking over at an old, clunky truck that looked like it came straight from the depression.

“That man will never get rid of that old thing.”

“He’’ll probably demand he get buried in it.” Jonathan said with a laugh before he waved at the old, gray haired man with faded overalls and a red flannel shirt underneath. “Right on time, Mr. Jones!” He yelled out, the old man waved him off as he walked closer.

“Well, I’ll tell ya now, boy, this just looks great. I’m gonna have to admit to ya that I wasn’t expecting much out of a bunch of teenagers, but you showed me different and I’m glad. I ain’t gonna be doing this anymore, and this made my last time a great one just seeing this. I can’t wait to see what else you did with the place.”

Jonathan just nodded as he smiled at the old man as he rambled on about how his neighbor brought him dinner, and how that old cow can’t cook to save what’s left of her life. It wasn’t but a few minutes later that April’s car showed up down the old dirt road that had been made from years of use, Lindsey threw her hand up and waved at her, before she motioned for her to come on.

“Oh great…” Candi mumbled before Jonathan looked over at her and rolled his eyes.

“Keep your snotty comments to yourself, Candi, really. No one here really likes you, and Justin is only with you to get laid so just shut up.”

Lindsey giggled, before Candi just stomped off to Becca at the entrance of the ‘haunted barn’ where Justin had lit up the last of the pumpkins.

“Everything looks great, Jonathan. Seriously this is like the best it’s looked in years!” April said as she smiled at Jonathan and Lindsey.

“Thanks, let’s hope the three of you that haven’t seen it yet still think that after.” Jonathan said before the three made their way towards the entrance of the barn.

“Justin’s already gone inside to get everything working.” Becca said; Mr. Jones looking puzzled as he looked at Jonathan.

“This year we used dummies and animatronics instead of asking other people to jump out and scare people since you had parents coming yelling about their kids being touched inappropriately last year.” Jonathan explained.

“Oh that was such bull… Darn kids can’t handle a good scare.” Jonathan and Lindsey laughed at the man as Lindsey smiled at him.

“I’m sure you set them straight.” She said in a teasing voice, Mr. Jones only giving her a curt nod.

“I sure did, Doll. Told them where I’d put my foot if they didn’t get off my property for harassing an old man for some other teenager’s innocent fun by getting into character.”

Lindsey just laughed, finding the old man entertaining before Jonathan brushed back her bangs and gave her a quick kiss to the forehead as he smiled at her, and tapped the tip of her nose.

“Alright, I’m going to go on ahead to the field maze to get everything set up… Don’t get too scared.” Jonathan teased Lindsey before he walked off towards the field, Lindsey kept Mr. Jones company while Becca and Candi whispered to themselves; the sun went down with their only light being from the handful of glowing pumpkins.

“Hey!” Lily said to April who stood off from the other four.

“I thought you weren’t going to make it on time.” April whispered as Lily smiled and shook her head.

“No way. I’ve been here already for a while… ”

“O-Oh… I didn’t see you come here.”

“I rode with, uh, Lindsey and then was wandering around waiting for you. Shhh… Let’s go in, we can talk after.” Lily said with a grin as she took April’s hand. “I think you’re going to like this a lot, April, I really do.”

April only smiled before she watched Becca and Candi open the large barn doors into a black curtained room with pink neon paint in the shape of arrows pointing where to walk. The barn had been sectioned off into multiple rooms to walk through before it lead out back around to the front to get out and on to the corn field made to be a maze. It was all maybe a twenty minute walk through, but it was always fun to get a good scare once a year from this place.

With the two girls that lead the way, followed by Lindsey and Mr. Jones, April trailed behind a few paces with Lily silently. Lily’s wide grin made April feel slightly uncomfortable, but she ignored her gut feeling as she slowly let go of her hand and shoved her hands into her hoodie pockets, smiling at Lily before she looked over at Lindsey as she pointed at the doors.

“April, Becca said to close them.” Lindsey said before she walked through the curtains. April only nodded as she turned around and shut the doors with Lily’s help before they turned around, and listened to Lindsey scream while the animatronics went off with their own screams and ‘scary’ sounds.

“She scares easy; I bet it’s only a shaking casket.” Lily teased before the two walked through the curtains to the first room where Lily was proven right. Multiple shaking and yelling caskets were going off, which made Lindsey nearly run through the next set of black curtains into the next room; Mr. Jones only laughed it off as he followed the blonde, more groans and screams sounded off with flashing lights that peeped through the slit of the curtain.

“Wow… This is actually really cool.” April whispered as she walked through the room to the next where it was full of dismembered bodies and twitching skeletons in shackles. This seemed to entertain Lindsey as she only poked at the skeletons with her foot before she laughed when they twitched and shook.

“Come on this is my favorite room!” Becca said when her head peeped through the next set of curtains.

April followed Lindsey and Mr. Jones a bit more closely as they entered a room almost completely lit up from the amount of neon paint used on the walls in designs that would make anyone on LSD trip. Clown dummies and animatronics were lined up against the wall, all still and unmoved. Carnival music played as strobe lights blinked off and on.

“Gonna have to put up a sign for anyone that can have a seizure, kids.” Mr. Jones pointed out as he walked on through the room, one of the many clowns suddenly lunged forward with a loud cackle like laugh that made him just stare and laugh. “That’ll spook a few.” He said as he patted Becca on the head before walking on to the next room, Candi and Becca followed as Lindsey looked over at April.

“I hate clowns…” Lindsey mumbled as she ran through the room just to get out, Lily laughed as she nudged April.

“Only two rooms left…” She whispered.

“How do you know?” April asked, confused.

“Shhh…. Hurry and go on.” Lily said as the two left the clown room and looked around at the empty area with pink neon arrows pointing to go up the stairs in front of them.

The two hurried up the stairs and through the next set of black curtains where it was a long, curved room that went all the way around the entire top floor. It was completely covered on the ceiling with spider webbing and various huge black spiders attached to it in the corners with their prey wrapped up like mummies. More skeletons, ghouls, and zombies lined the walls, some still and just creepy, others lunged as you walked past.

“Faster you guys!” Candi yelled out as April looked over at Lindsey and Mr. Jones who was only a few steps ahead of them. Becca and Candi waited at the curtains to the last room while the following four continued to walk along the room, Lindsey screamed at most of the things that popped out at her, while Mr. Jones laughed.

Once at the curtains, the six walked into the last room, at the other end was another set of curtains with a huge neon pink circle with the word ‘END’ sprayed on it. The entire room was made to look like a butcher shop, hanging dummies everywhere, a couple shook and groaned while a butcher in the back ground chopped away at his newest screaming victim.

“OH MY GOD!” Becca suddenly screamed out, Candi’s own scream followed as the other four looked over, Lily grinned as Lindsey gasped horrified with her hands over her mouth. Justin’s lifeless body hung between two dummies, his throat slit like the fake pigs that hung on either side of him, his blood stained his white tee wife beater and jeans, a pool of his blood below him on the ground.

“That’s NOT funny, Justin, now get DOWN from there.” April finally said to try and bring order to the others who were freaked out before Mr. Jones looked closer then looked over at the girls.

“Get out of here now, kids.” He demanded as all of them walked out of the barn, Mr. Jones hurrying to his truck as he looked back. “You girls go to the field and get Jonathan. I’m going to go call the police.” He said in a stern voice as he got in his truck and drove off, as he left a trail of dust behind.

“He cant really be-” Candi began as Lindsey interrupted her.

“Hush Candi and just keep up.” Lindsey demanded as she ran toward the field, the others followed behind.

April hurried with Lily before she looked over and saw Becca was missing. “Candi, where’s Becca?!”

Candi looked to her side. “I don’t know, she was right here.” She stopped but April looked back and pointed.

“Keep up with Lindsey, I’ll go look for her.” April demanded as Candi continued to run, Lily scoffed as she followed April to find Becca.

“What a worthless friend.” Lily mumbled before April looked at her.

“Just go with your sister, I can find Becca.”

“Gladly.” Lily said with a grin before she ran off, April then ran through the field, as she backtracked their steps until she saw Becca as she looked around disoriented.

“Becca! Over here.” April said as she waved for her to follow.

“What’s going on?!” Becca yelled as she followed April.

“I don’’t know just keep running.” April yelled back before there was a loud scream, which stopped them both in their tacks.

“Lindsey!” April yelled out.

“It wasn’t me!” Lindsey screamed back before April and Becca continued to run towards the sound of the scream, and found some corn stalks that had blood running down them, as well as small puddles on the ground. The two continued to run, and followed the trail until they broke into a clearing, so they looked around at which way to go.

“Candi!” Becca screamed as the two stared at the girl who laid on the ground with an old, rusted pitchfork through her chest. Blood dribbled from her slightly parted mouth as her wide eyes stared at the two girls blankly.

April only stared before she yanked Becca away from running to her. “No, whoever did that could be close, let’s go!” She demanded as she yanked her back into the field, and ran as she yelled out. “LINDSEY!”

“This way!” Lindsey yelled back, April followed the direction of her scream, Becca cried obnoxiously behind her, but for now she ignored it until the two broke into another clearing where Lindsey was looking around. “Jonathan!”

April stopped to catch her breath as she looked over at Lindsey. “Still can’t find him??”

“No, he won’t even answer my yells or his phone.” Lindsey started to cry, but April only patted her back.

“It’s okay don’t worry.” She said half heartedly.

Lindsey looked over at her and nodded. “Where’s Becca?”

April looked around before she ran her fingers through her hair. “She was right behind me a second ago.”

“Should we go look for her??”

“No, let’s just keep trying to find Jonathan.”

The two ran off, and kept up with each other as April looked over at Lindsey. “I think we’re going in circles!”

"Me too! I don’t know where to g-” She was cut off by another scream that stopped them.


“Let’s go!” Lindsey said as the two ran towards the direction of the scream before they broke into another clearing. Lindsey gasped when she saw Jonathan face down on the ground, blood pooled around his head, and Becca only a few feet off with a shovel that had severed her head from her body, still staked in the ground between her neck and head.

Lindsey had a conflicted moment before she ran to Jonathan, and frantically looked him over as she started to cry; Lily came up behind Lindsey before she hit her in the back of the head with a bat before she dropped it to the ground. She then looked over at April and smiled, blood all over her, police sirens echoed in the background.

“Hurry! We have to go, April.” Lily coaxed as she held out her hand.

April just stared at the girl, as she shook and cried as she held her head and shook it violently. “D-Did you?”

“Come on… We have to go now!”

April just stared, looked around at the three bodies on the ground before back at Lily, and took her hand before she ran off with her.

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