October Day Twenty

beccababy16 is online

xcandixgurlx15 is typing…

xcandixgurlx15: Before you sign out just hear me out!

beccababy16 is typing…

beccababy16: What??

xcandixgurlx15 is typing…

xcandixgurlx15: Okay. Justin offered to let us work at the Halloween thing his neighbor does every year that he and his brother help at and you said you always wanted to do something like that so how about we do it and you accept it as a sorry so we can stop ignoring each other and be friends?

beccababy16 is typing…

beccababy16: I'll think about it.

xcandixgurlx15 is typing…

xcandixgurlx15: Alright :/

beccababy16 is typing…

beccababy16: Bye, Candi.

beccababy16 is offline.  You can send a message, and it will be received the next time they log in.

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