October Day Twenty Five

“I told you it would be better without them.”  Lily said softly to April as she sat behind her on April’’s bed.  “They both act as if hurting you was no big deal as they hang out together all the time, snickering in the hallways then getting quiet when you pass by.”

“Becca did try to call and text last night, but you said not to answer.”  April said as she winced slightly from her hair getting pulled while Lily was busy putting it in a French braid.

“I know, and I told you exactly what would happen.  That today she would simply ignore your presence around Candi, but then the moment you got home she’d try to call you.  Your phone already has five missed calls since dinner.  She’’s doing it out of guilt, and you deserve better than that.”

“I know.  It’s just still upsetting.”

“Don’t let it make you upset…  They aren’t worth that…  Though it does make me upset to see you upset.”  Lily said as she reached over and took a hair bow from April’s fingers, and secured it around the ends of her hair.  “Alright all done.  Just don’t flip a lot in your sleep and it shouldn’t come undone.”

“Since you’re staying the night you can make sure I don’t move around.”  She said with a laugh.

Lily nodded her head before she laid back on the bed, April looked at her before she did the same; both stared at the ceiling.  The silence went on until April’s phone went off again.  April quickly read the text before shaking her head.  “It’s Becca asking if I want a free ticket to the haunted trail ride…”

“Don’t reply.”

“I won’t.”

“Good girl.”

“I want to go though.”

“We can go…  My sister can get us in for free.”

“R-Right…  I know.”

Lily reached over and took her hand as she held it tightly until April fell asleep before she reached over quietly to turn off the lamp.

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