October Day Twenty Four

“This is April.  Leave a message and I’ll call back when I can.”

Becca sighed as she hung up and dialed another number, while she drummed her fingers against her bed and listened to it dial.


“Hey this is Becca; is April home?”

“She is.  She’s in the shower right now.  Call her back in about fifteen minutes, Hun.”

“Oh, okay.  Thank you.”

She hung up, checking the time before she set down her phone, and counted down the time that passed annoyingly slow.  She still couldn’t help but have that twinge of guilt that ate at her, and forced her to try just this one last time to make amends with April.  She was determined to at least mend the rift between them; just this one last time she was sure all the guilt would go away if she just tried one more time, even if April still didn’t accept her apology.  She picked up the phone again to call her.

“This is April.  Leave a message and I’ll call back when I can.”

She sighed, and waited another five minutes before she dialed again.

“This is April.  Leave a message and I’ll call back when I can.”

“It’s me…uh Becca.  Please call me back.”

She left the message, but after twenty more minutes without a phone call she called again. The ringing ceased from April as she answered the phone, and hung up on her right after.  Becca called five more times with the same results before she gave up, and sent April a simple text.

I know you’re probably still angry at me but can we be friends?  Text me back ANYTHING if we can please :/

April never texted back.

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