October Day Twenty Nine

“Told you our pumpkins were better than yours!”  Candi teased as she nudged Justin’s arm.

Justin grinned as he grasped her hand and shrugged.   “I don’t know… Some of your carvings are off center, and what’s with that one, Becca??”  He pointed to one that had a ridiculously large smile cut into it.  “Is that supposed to scare people?”

“Hey that was my first try without the trace papers, cut me some slack.”

“So you’re first instinct was to cut out a smile…  Going to put that in the clown room.” Justin laughed.

“See, it ends up working out.”  Candi said with a grin.

Jonathan then walked over, looking at all of the pumpkins.  “Alright girls if you can just help us load all of these onto the trailer we can put them all where they need to go and be done before eight. Justin, go get the boxes of candles out of my car and put them on here too.”

Justin nodded before he stopped, and heard his phone ring in his pocket.  Along with his phone that rang, Becca, Candi, and Jonathan’s began to go off as well.  All four looked confused before answering their phones at the same time.  A loud shrilling sound rang out, followed by harsh static before it was silent again.  The phone’s disconnecting at the same time leaving the four to laugh and shrug it off as they continued on with working.

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