October Day Twenty Seven

jw18 is online see_lindz_run is typing… see _lindz_run: Finally you’re home, I was beginning to think you got lost in that pumpkin patch. jw18 is typing… jw18: Heck, there was a few times I thought I WAS lost in that field. One of the farmers ended up coming to find me three different times. see_lindz_run is typing… see _lindz_run: LOL That’s SO sad! jw18 is typing… jw18: Yeah, yeah that place is huge you’d have got lost too. see_lindz_run is typing… see _lindz_run: Probably not. :P  So are you needing anymore help to carve them? jw18 is typing… jw18: Nah, Justin said he got those two ding bats to help so I think between the four of us we can get it done.  You’re still going to come over Sunday night to test it out before Halloween right? see_lindz_run is typing… see _lindz_run: Of course.  I still can’t believe the old man only wants to do it one night.  All of the other places have been doing it for a good week now. jw18 is typing… jw18: Eh, he said he didn’t feel like having it done for a week like he used to do.  He told us this would be his last year doing it too, so I think the one day is kind of his way of getting use to not doing it anymore. see_lindz_run is typing… see _lindz_run: I’m sure it upset him that his kids didn’t want to help anymore, but from what I’ve seen from you guys work, I’m sure the old man is really happy. jw18 is typing… jw18: He is.  I’m going to get off her and finish up this paper.  I’ll talk to you later.  Love you bye. see_lindz_run is typing… see _lindz_run: Alright, love you bye. jw18 is offline.  You can send a message, and it will be received the next time they log in.

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