October Day Twenty Three

beccababy16 is online xcandixgurlx15 is typing… xcandixgurlx15: Justin wanted me to tell you thanks for the help today we finished everything just a couple hours after you left. beccababy16 is typing…… beccababy16: I'm glad hopefully all the paint dries completely before Halloween! xcandixgurlx15 is typing… xcandixgurlx15: I'm sure it will. I checked the first place we painted yesterday and it's already pretty dry only one part smudged a little. beccababy16 is typing…… beccababy16: good… listen, I'm still mad at you and all for what happened but April wont talk to me at all, and she hasn't been online since we talked to her. So either I've been blocked or she's just not been on and she ignores my calls and at school but I don't want to lose two friends so I forgive you... xcandixgurlx15 is typing… xcandixgurlx15: Good, and you know I'm the better friend anyway! beccababy16 is typing… beccababy16: Uh huh... Alright, mom's yelling for me to come down for dinner. ttyt! xcandixgurlx15 is typing… xcandixgurlx15: Okay! ttyt! beccababy16 is offline.  You can send a message, and it will be received the next time they log in.

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