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Eve & Adam is a novelette written in 2015 by Sara Kjeldsen. As stated on Amazon, “Adam meets Eve, a girl who lives in the cult village, on the afternoon he decides to kill himself. Her whimsical charm pulls him away from his suicidal ideations, but he soon learns that she holds a world of darkness within her that rivals his own. They long to escape their suppressive backgrounds, but there are people in Adam's town who already have other plans for him.” After reading this, I decided it was an interesting concept and wanted to read it as my choice of review for Sara.

Part one opens to a bloody handed Adam, which makes you instantly worried for the character! You wonder did he hurt someone or himself, which you later on find the answer to towards the end of part one. It also opens to a secondary character, Eve. She’s holding balloons for her birthday, but as the two talk you realize all is not as it seems for either character. You can see the layers the author is trying to lay out for you to think on. Part one ends with you expecting the pair to see each other once more despite the issues they are going through personally outside of each other.

Part two draws you into the main characters. You anxiously await each of their stories, their feelings. They seem to almost attempt to bare all to each other, like kindred spirits would do with each other. You learn things about each character that surprises you, but also you feel a sense of comfort in learning about the pair. There’s something familiar with the characters, raw. The story continues in an almost whimsical fashion with hints of desperation and hurt sprinkled in. The author truly evokes emotion out of you with each paragraph.

Part three is an ending that both gives you hope and tears out your heart. I don’t want to give any spoilers, but the ending is something that makes that whole story worth a read!

Story wise, it was great! It was well paced and enjoyable. I would definitely recommend this book with a 4.5 out of 5 stars! Eve & Adam is not her only story either, she has many to choose from, and I can definitely say I expect many more stories to come from this author! Check her out on Amazon, or follow her on Twitter! Her Twitter handle is /Sara_Flower and she deserves a follow for sure!

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