Review of Kai the Swordsman: The Imprisoned King

As I want to do for every review I do, I want to give my star rating first before I get into things. Firstly, I want to be transparent. This is a book I beta read that is now being self-published on Amazon. Some people seem iffy for reviewers to review beta read pieces, but I assure you that you will not regret this story. Full five out of five stars. Forgive me if this is a short review, but I am still healing from a procedure done, and my mind just isn't fully in the game.

Kai the Swordsman is a dark yet heroic tale of a Kai... no last name needed for such a man as he. Circumstances has banished him to protect the coastal town of Umi no Mura (I think I spelled that right, oh God forgive me if my hazed state messed that up!) This book will weave a tale in this coastal town that you feel is hiding something... sinister... or maybe it's just an eerie feel you can't shake due to the author, Daniel Aegan's ability to give you dread.

No, this story is not horror, but it has horror elements. No the book isn't romance, but you find yourself fawning. However, it is heavy on the fantasy, and boy does it leave you breathless for more! My biggest hope of this novel is for a sequel. I am not joking when I say I could read one hundred more books that center around this main character, Kai. Heck, throw him in space for all I care!

Truly, there are many characters that will make you smile. I don't want to go into details that spoil the story, but oh GOSH when you meet them all and get to know the past and present of this life around Kai you too will fall in love. This book is well edited, well written, and over all a blast! I tried to be more objective of the story, as I can be quite picky, but this book really wowed me, really made me sink my teeth in deep into each page.

If you enjoy dark, fantastical comedy, I suggest this story for you. You truly will not regret digging deep into the story of Kai. Trust me on this one. There's isn't much more I can say, I really have no complaints, and I have expressed my excitement without overdoing it.

So yeah! March 3rd!! Get your copy! I'll edit this when the link goes live so that I have a link available for readers that see this!

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