Review of The Little Demons Inside

The Little Demons Inside by Micah Chaim Thomas. I read this indie novel for January as a part of my one indie a month challenge I am doing for myself and my blog. I will start with my ‘star’ rating. I know many don’t want to hear the long-winded views I have on this book, so here it is: I give this book three stars. Any book I ever completely read automatically gets three stars because obviously to finish a book of any capacity takes a lot of doing on my part with my busy schedule, and to be honest, I feel anyone who can write a book automatically deserves a few stars because it’s a lot of work regardless of whether I, personally, enjoyed it or not. Now, onto my feelings.

Firstly, I will say, I LOVED Cassie. In nearly every scene she graces, it’s great. She’s a beautifully written character and really I felt everything this character felt. I would, quite literally, read an entire novel written by this author in the event the sole focus was Cassie. I could very seriously read a six chapter Cassie viewpoint of her morning cereal. There’s truly nothing that was bad in my general think back of this character. The author really does have a great way of expressing a characters feelings and giving the book itself a specific air to it, although, many parts of the story I didn’t vibe with the feeling being set.

Regardless of that, the story as a whole pushes boundaries that I feel many out there would enjoy, perhaps even love, however, I felt conflicted in many aspects of this story. I am not one to pick up a book for its political and social commentary. I don’t mind it being a back-burner to the plot, I get many people put their views in their novels, but for me, I picked this book up with the want to read a modern-esque fantasy of odd proportions and story line that leans to a darker experience. What I ended this book with is a HEAVY dose of someone’s viewpoints, and though may, to some, be valid, and even to me, be valid, I felt it bogged the overall narrative down to feel like I had to wade through characters that were very real-esque in how they were presented, i.e. the president/vice president. It was not the highlight of my reading experience in this novel.

However, I felt once I was a good, 30% into the book, it really picked up what I felt was the actual plot of the novel. You get movement and drive in the characters and story that actually got me hooked to read it. I spent probably a month reading the first 30% and then read the next 70% in four days. I suppose that’s just how my reading style goes. I can be finicky with slow paced things, or certain topics that just don’t pull me in, but like I said, by 30% in, I finally hit that spot where I was like, “Okay, I get it, I get where we’re going, let’s hit that destination”.

I will also state now, there are typos. It isn’t overwhelming, however, they do pop out at you, but from what I have gathered of this particular author, he’s a very expressive person, and I think a part of his being is to give you a raw experience, so just kinda over-look that little issue there, and if you are the stickler type maybe just… deal? I can also say, I battled with my next point and I feel it’s only right to say this: Content warning, if you have issues with underage-esque topics touched on in the sexual nature type stuff? Maybe skip a particularly young character that is voiced to be a teen scenes. There is a particular scene toward the end that definitely gave me an ‘oh dang, I feel super uncomfortable reading this’ type of vibe. It’s very quick, and only like a paragraph I think? But, Jesus, I had to take a break after that one.

To continue past that little dark content warning, I am not one that wants to spoil a story, so many of my reviews are rather vague. I can say, the main character, our Henry, he is an interesting concept of a character. I think many people would get the whole vibe of Henry, and I did too. I think Henry was more or less a developed character with an interesting ride, I just have such a beef with the vibe of the plot so to speak. The words were pretty, the story line of differing things so to speak was interesting, but I just at the end of the story had a want for more, not necessarily more to the story, the ending is satisfactory in my personal opinion, but I just felt… a sense of need.

I felt like I read 300+ pages, and then I ended to the last page feeling just like, sigh. I just heaved out a sigh. Much like writing this review for it now, I look back on it and sigh. There is a deep feeling of being content with finishing the story, but also wishing I had got a different… narrative execution, but again, that’s just how I feel, and honestly, this book has SO many good reviews, and SO many people enjoyed this, so I think, for me, I just didn’t pick up all that the author was trying to put down for a reader. I may not have been his particular demographic, but I still think the story deserves a solid three stars. It was good, overall. Well worth my time I invested!

As I said, the fact a picky reader like me even finished it, really makes a big difference in my eyes. Because I don’t have a lot of time to read, so I do DNF a TON of stuff. So, he has something in this story that pulls you, really makes you curious what’s next in this plot whether good or bad. I think that says a lot at the end of the day, and I think this author really does have talent to create what he created in his story. So yeah, three stars for this.

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